Sarah P. - Who Am I - Album Cover - EraseRestart Records 2017
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: Who Am I
Release: May 12, 2017
1. A Letter From Urban Street
2. ForgetRegret
3. Away From Me
4. Instead Of You
5. LoveStory (single)
6. Summer Prince
7. Who Am I (single)
8. Millennial Girl
9. To You
10. Berlin During Winter (single)
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“During our particularly troubled times, some introspection is more than needed.”

Who Am I is Sarah P.’s solo debut full-length album. A pop record that is different, an ode to the humanly deep need of security and love and a piece of art that reads pages from Sarah P.’s diaries. It’s an album about fears, hopes, memories, dreams – and love. Inspired by Berlin, her Greek roots & personal struggles, Sarah asks “Who Am I? Who are we?”

“Our ethics, our cultures are shaping us, but what we become is completely our choice. I’ve been constantly asking myself ‘who am I’. Have you?”, asks Sarah. Although the album is inspired by her struggles and personal fights, the humor and positivity are not missing – Sarah’s sarcasm is omnipresent, so is her passion for a better change that we all can bring once we decide to do so. It’s the realization that we have to start by asking ourselves who we are, who we want to be, and what we stand for.

On Who Am I, Sarah P. gets political, comments on our societies, serenades about true love, criticizes herself, and shares her fears and dreams. “There’s no right and there’s no wrong, but there’s hope,” says Sarah. “And while we’re feeling defeated, even during those dark hours, there’s hope we can do better. And we will.”

Following up her solo debut EP Free (2015), the full-length album Who Am I is out now, via Sarah P.’s own label EraseRestart. The album consists of ten songs that Sarah wrote in Berlin while thinking of her hometown Athens. Who Am I was produced together with George Priniotakis at Artracks Studios Athens, the surrounding she already knew before from her years as frontwoman of Keep Shelly in Athens.

About Sarah P.

Sarah P.’s career in music started in 2010, during her final year at the drama school, as the lead singer of the successful indie group Keep Shelly in Athens with whom she extensively toured North America & Europe. In 2014, Sarah left the band and moved to Berlin to focus on her solo career. After collaborations with artists like Mmoths, Sun Glitters, The New Division, The Bilinda Butchers, her solo debut record Free was released in December 2015. Ever since she gets compared to artists like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Björk, Goldfrapp, and iamamiwhoami. Her full-length album Who Am I is out now via EraseRestart.

– “‘Who Am I’ is sophisticated, cultured and synthtastic. Sarah P. certainly stands for high quality recordings, originally produced and sophistically executed.” – The Electricity Club
– “Sarah P.’s debut pits the hounds of the past, feelings of the present & resolve toward residing over her own tomorrow through a cathartic display of electro-pop proliferation, sophistication, an earnest depiction of praxis that offers a glimpse of internal processes that are honest & humbling that will give most listeners a moment for pause & reflection. Sarah has sent the universe a love-letter of self-care & the perpetual mission & quest for self-understanding (not to mention our understanding of others).” – Impose
– “Sheer Björk-ish beauty” – The Dutch Guy
– “Imagine Björk and Kate Bush having an espresso together.” – Give It A Spin
– “This is a pop record that is different, an ode to the humanly deep need for security and love” – Dash’n’Verve
– “Who Am I is a tale of the human beings.” – Tsinoshi Bar
– “Sarah P.’s debut is a very unique piece of music and it’s another step in an incredibly inspiring development.” – NBHAP
– “Sarah P. is expressing herself but also looking beyond herself, putting her art in the context of history and expressing curiosity at human condition.” – The Berklee Groove
– “Sarah P.’s work focuses both inwards towards notions of self-discovery and emotional necessity, and outwards towards the surrounding social and political environment” – MusicMap Global
– “Sarah P’s solo pop bubbles with a lithe energy that emerges even during the heaviest of synth refrains.” – Bandcamp
– “‘Who Am I’ is a piece of pitch-perfect jungle-pop” – Highsnobiety
– “The Greek vocalist’s future is wide open — and she’s out to claim every inch of it.” – MTV Iggy
– “Tracks almost as otherworldly as her vocals.” – Under The Radar
– “A fluttering, heady explosion of colourful pop with a melancholic edge of plaintive clarity.” – The 405
– “Electro pop Goddess” – Sound Injections
– “Formerly one half of the Athenian duo Keep Shelly in Athens, Sarah’s solo path is one committed to embracing the ever shifting grounds of changes that shakes off the shackles of pretension with a sharp wit and smart electric pop know-how.” – Impose

Sarah P. - Press Photo by Christoph Neumann
Sarah P. – Press Photo by Christoph Neumann

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