Sarah P. - Dirty Sunday - Single Cover - EraseRestart Records 2016
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: Dirty Sunday
Release: April 15, 2015
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“Dirty Sunday” is taken from Sarah P.’s solo debut EP Free.

Along the release, Sarah P. stated: “Being a woman in this crazy industry of music is just as hard as swimming with sharks. Being a woman in this crazy industry of music and wanting to succeed because you think you’ve got it is just as hard as admitting that you don’t have equal chances as the man you’re might be competing with. Women in this crazy industry of music are often being reduced to their looks, their boobs or to “that time of the month”. No matter if we’re talking about women managers, A&Rs, producers, engineers, artists, publishers, booking agents, promoters…” (Read the full article here)

Press Quotes

  • “‘Dirty Sunday’ percolates with thought and a stew of percussive elements.”Impose
  • “‘Dirty Sunday’ gathers together a cacophony of abstract half beats and ethereal atmospheres like POLLY SCATTERGOOD collaborating with FIFI RONG.”The Electricity Club
  • “Colourful, exotic & surprising”NBHAP