Sarah P. - Golden Deer - Single Cover - EraseRestart Records 2016
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: Golden Deer (feat. Hiras)
Release: July 5, 2016
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“Golden Deer” is taken from Sarah P.’s solo debut EP Free. It was released with a video trilogy that makes the viewer dive deeper and deeper into a dream.

Along the release, Sarah P. stated: “This song is meant to encourage each of you to take a break and go where you wish to go, do what you really want to do. For yourselves. We all need and deserve this own time where we pamper ourselves. I would say, just go for it & I’ll try to do the same!” (Read the full article here)

Press Quotes

  • “With her latest single ‘Golden Deer’, subtle GOLDFRAPP references adorn this great slice of dreamy electronic disco.”The Electricity Club
  • “A wonderland of synth-pop.”ColoRising
  • “ambitious, crisp and brilliant”The Autumn Roses
  • “Sarah presents three alternate passages into an alternate dream world where kaleidoscopic pop-art designs & textures encapsulate the artist into an electronic European forest of fascination & ineffable delights.”Impose