Sarah P. - I Misbehave - Single Cover - EraseRestart Records 2014
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: I Misbehave
Release: December 14, 2014
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“I Misbehave” is Sarah P.’s first single as solo artist. The song was released on her 25th birthday.

Press Quotes

  • “An intriguing taste of what is to come next” – Complete Music Update
  • “The dark opening foray of her debut EP Free” – Bandcamp
  • “If you want your pop with quirk rather than twerk then you may want to watch this space.” – Fourculture
  • “A sinister piece of synthpop with quite a dark twist” – NBHAP
  • “I Misbehave goes deep down to a slow burned fusion of danceful electronics that emit a sweaty and sinister R&B corruption and builds a haunting yet mesmerising atmosphere to transform your plain walk into a groove fest! Elevated by a flawless production and stylistically brilliant, I Misbehave shows how a girl has turned into a sensual woman under her own terms of music! You will be begging for more!” – Sound Injections