Sarah P. - Little Soul - Single Cover - EraseRestart Records 2016
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: Dirty Sunday
Release: April 15, 2015
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“Little Soul” is taken from Sarah P.’s solo debut EP Free.

Along the release, Sarah P. stated: “Three years before the actual release of “Free”, in 2012, I got trapped in a loop of bad decisions. I wanted to take risks, I said I wanted to live. For whatever stupid, childish, immature reasons, I found myself in a situation that still gives me nightmares and keeps me awake thinking about “what ifs”. And despite the physical pain and the emotional hurting and all the shit that comes with one being violated as a person, despite the unanswered questions and my inability to understand how did I find myself involved in such things, I decided to move on, but I took the wrong direction.…” (Read the full article here)

Press Quotes

  • “Dialogues and monologues spill from the inner mental spaces to the outwardly illustrations of desires like on ‘Little Soul’ to the wanderlust urges and inspirations that unveil on the alluring beckon of ‘I’d Go’ that break free from the chains that repress artistic inception and fully realized conceptions of creative manifestation.”Impose
  • “In fact, your little soul is way bigger than you think it is. In fact, you’re way braver than you think you are. Hang on there but don’t lay back. Work on recovering – not for anybody but for yourself. Fill your life with people and things that you want and love and get rid of the toxic ones. That’s the only way that you can move forward. The only way to break from the past is to envision the future.”NBHAP