Sarah P. - Moving On - Single Cover - EraseRestart Records 2015
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: Moving On
Release: January 23, 2015
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“Moving On” is the first single from Sarah P.’s solo debut EP Free.

Along the release, Sarah P. stated: “Never underestimate yourselves, count on your feet and if you feel drowning, go ahead and change it all. We shouldn’t be scared of the change – it is a gift. This is the time to change things. World changes and we have to keep up. Don’t lead your lives through fears, live it up!’”

Press Quotes

  • “A mellow gem”yvynyl
  • “It’s time to embrace all of your multiple personalities, boys and girls.”NBHAP
  • “The transformation for being the ultimate electro pop Goddess starts for Sarah P with her newest song Moving On”Sound Injections
  • “it’s the turn of singer Sarah P with the release of her new single “Moving On”. Seems like that is what she has literally been doing, as she has left the confines of Greece to the more industrious surroundings of Germany.”Fourculture