Sarah P. - Teach Me How To Love - Single Cover - EraseRestart Records 2016
Artist: Sarah P.
Title: Teach Me How To Love
Release: August 19, 2016
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“Teach Me How To Love” is Sarah P.’s first new single after the release of her solo debut EP Free in December 2015. The song is a collaboration with South-African producer Wisani. With its poppy lightness and good mood atmosphere, “Teach Me How To Love” invites to both dance and dream. At the same time, the song carries and important message: we have to learn again what it means to love and to stand side by side. Time to put a smile on the face and dance towards the future.

Along the release, Sarah P. stated: “As the song title suggests, through this tune I wanted to spotlight the good things about life. And god, there many of those!” (Read the full article here)

Press Quotes

  • “As with each and every Sarah P. single, the pop canons and history books of musical matron leaders and electro matriarchs of the past & present are continually challenged & updated with every uttered lyric/note/bar & beat.”Impose
  • “Sarah P. returns with her monumental new single ‘Teach Me How To Love’”ColoRising
  • “If the Disney princess gang were ever looking for a modern member, her strong soprano would easily top the short list of applicants.”Bandcamp