EraseRestart, 9th issue:

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EraseRestart, 9th issue: Youth 🌿 . Hi all! Today is #worldmentalhealthday and I think it’s most appropriate that the theme of this issue is the mental health of the youth. The numbers of poor mental health among children, adolescents and young adults are doubling from year to year. In the UK only recent studies proved that the average time for a child to be treated for a mental health problem is ten years, with the parents reporting deterioration of their child’s health within that time. But what happens to countries with even less funds (or no funds at all) to spend for the treatment of children and young people’s mental health? What happens to children traumatized by war and a painful journey to seek refuge in another country? We’re responsible for the youth and the generations to come – it’s about time that we realize that and we start taking actions. Erasing the stigma that surrounds mental health is one good, first step towards a healthier society. Then we can restart/reset/reboot. It shouldn’t be that hard; we didn’t do it for us – we HAVE TO do it for our children. We must empower and provide them with the right tools for the difficult years to come! Thank you for reading & happy (mindful) scrolling! More power to the youth 💚 . . #theworldneeds to empower its children #childrenarethefuture #globalmhsummit #timetoact #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

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EraseRestart, 4th issue:
Talking About It With A Partner

EraseRestart, 4th issue: Talking about it with a partner 🖤 . Hi everyone! The fourth issue of @eraserestart is here, recommending playing with open cards when in a relationship. Similarly to the third issue (“Talking about it with friends & family”), it’d be safe to state that a romantic partner can play a positive role in the life of someone who’s struggling with their mental health. That being said, an unhealthy relationship can have the exact opposite effect and impact the lives and mental wellbeing of both people involved. Everyone comes with their own baggage, that’s why communication and understanding are essential when in a relationship. Due to the instability of our times and what we’ve been taught by older generations, we tend to always be in the lookout for something better – a better house, job, better friends, better partners. This attitude leads to a fear of commitment inextricably linked to the fear of missing out. Even when in a relationship, we might find ourselves questioning our choices – a frustration that we might project to our partner by sending them mixed signals of what we want. Being open about our anxieties and other struggles can only help to build relationships that are long-lasting and meaningful. What if we’re missing out on something important, exactly by striving for the perfect life? In all cases, perhaps we need to relearn how to talk to each other and redefine our idea of “trouble”. Perhaps, we all need to walk the line between knowing our limits and not being selfish when someone’s calling for help. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through this issue, SP 🌝✨

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EraseRestart, 2nd issue:
At Work

EraseRestart, 2nd issue: At work / There’s no shame in asking for help . Hi everyone! This is the second issue of EraseRestart. With my Instazine, I invite you all to erase the stigma around mental health & restart in our communities with more understanding and respect towards those affected by mental illness. As I wrote before, EraseRestart is made with love and is the result of personal struggles and history. This issue is focusing on work. A workplace doesn’t necessarily give us the chance to show who we really are. The high pressure of our times has led to people “burning out”, which is a not-so-terrifying word for depression. Yet, according to @statista, the “percentage of adults who would turn to a counseling center for help in case of burnout as of 2017” is just 17%. This zine focuses on solutions rather than on problems – whether we’re talking about quick “mood pick-me-ups” or changes we should actively incorporate in our lives in order to be more inclusive and understanding towards the rest of the world. We all have a lot to learn so I encourage you to swipe through EraseRestart & start a conversation – talk with your friends & family, with your colleagues & managers. And remember – there’s no shame in asking for help! In fact, it’s the most courageous thing. It will all be ok, as long as we have each other’s back. Thank you for your time & wishing y’all a nice weekend. SP 💙

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